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Clive Pugh for Career Management and Goal Setting in Berkshire

'My Career Coach helps me to define where I want to go and gets me there faster and more easily than if I worked on my own'.

I am a Performance Life Coach, Career Management Coach and Mentor based in Reading. I help my clients, through one to one career coaching, gain personal empowerment and clarity of thought and action to make their career goals a reality leading to personal fulfilment and success.

I thoroughly enjoy being a Career Coach and I'm inspired by what I do and I want my clients to celebrate their career and to be motivated to commit, step by step, to achieving the future career that they really want and to get the rewards they deserve.

Individuals comes to me with a wide range issues relating to Career Direction, Career Focus and Career Crossroads and some of these are expressed in the comments below:

  • ''I'm feeling stuck' doing the same thing with an uncertain future''.  
  • ''My career is just not progressing the way I thought it would''.
  • ''I 've had success in my career but I don't know what's next for me''.
  • ''I'm not sure what to do that will make a difference''.
  • ''I want to have a career plan that this time I'll keep to ''.

What is Career Management and Goal Setting?

When and How would a Career Coach help me?



It's not unusual to feel that your career has not turned out as you expected. With the best of intentions and plans it is easy to gradually lose focus and no longer be sure how you arrived at where you are now and what comes next.        

Career Management Coaching and Goal Setting allows you to set the agenda and gives you back more

The simple answer is if you want a different result than you are getting at the moment and know that you deserve more out of your career and want to change then this is the perfect time to contact a career coach.

As your Career Coach I can help you re-capture the confidence in your ability, the motivation to act and the certainty of purpose to  move more


To find out more and/or to take up the opportunity of a FREE introductory career coaching session please contact me at

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