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Questions & Answers

Question: What happens first?

Answer: The initial contact is likely to be on the telephone. At this stage I will listen and let you explain what brought you to career coaching and what you want to achieve. I will then outline the coaching approach and how I believe coaching will help you. If you wish to proceed then we will arrange our first session which is normally face to face. 

Question: Tell me about the free introductory session?

Answer: The free introductory session is for 30 minutes and establishes the coaching relationship and begins to put in place your coaching goals. It is also the point when you outline in more detail what you want from the coaching process and we begin to set out a provisional plan of future sessions.

Question: How long is a coaching session?

Answer: The length of a coaching session depends on what suits you. Some people want a dedicated period of time of say up to 3 hours and others want a more bite size approach of shorter sessions of say 30 minutes or anything in between. I am flexible and adapt my approach to suit the client.

Question: How many sessions are typical?

Answer: The number of sessions partly depends on what you want to achieve from career coaching and the changes and journey involved. Coaching can have quick results with only 1 or 2 sessions giving success. In most situations when looking at mid and long-term Career Management I suggest a coaching period of 4 to 6 hours. If there is a typical approach then 1 hour sessions are most common. For a series of sessions I would recommend weekly intervals to start with and later becoming fortnightly or three weekly.

Question: Can you help me if I'm not sure what my goal is?

Answer: If you not sure of your goal then I will forward you a questionnaire beforehand to help you focus on important areas of your career and work. This information together with the introductory coaching session will aid the formulation of a goal or goals that are significant to you.

Question: Will Career Coaching help me?

Answer: The simple answer is if you want a different career future and you are prepared to make the changes that are right for you then yes it will certainly make a big diiference to your life.
During each coaching session and any follow up as agreed, I will give my full commitment to you as my client. I will believe in you and your ability and encourage you to succeed. I will help you be in a position to know what you want, when you want it, what you want to do to achieve it and the step by step plan to get there.  

Question: Where and when does the coaching take place?

Answer: Coaching can be carried out either face to face or by telephone. The first session is normally face to face and is arranged at a mutually convenient time and location. I offer coaching during the day and evenings up until 8.00pm. At the weekend I coach on Saturday from 9.00am to 6.00pm and Sundays by arrangement.
If you have any other questions or would like the opportunity of a FREE introductory coaching session please contact me at or call 0118 966 2530 / 07967 309568

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